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11-06-2013, 11:31 AM
EASTWEST: The Man Behind The Brand


Doug Rogers of Eastwest celebrates 25 years at the top


Founded in 1988, Doug Rogers’ EASTWEST company pioneered the creation of realistic, playable sample-based instruments — 25 years on they remain the undisputed market leader.

Every time you hit a key on a controller and hear a snare drum, flute, piano or oboe, you can thank Doug Rogers and Adam Smith. Smith because the classical economist so elegantly elucidated how the market will organically find the solutions it needs, and Rogers because he equally elegantly not only figured out how to get those instruments into your computer but also realised that you wanted them there in the first place.

Rogers settled his family in the States in 1984, mostly in Los Angeles where they live now, after a few years of really, really long back-and-forths between there and his native Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, where he worked in his Harlequin Studios engineering and producing hits for local artists who managed to break through the distance Down Under, like Split Enz. It was an era before computers were commonplace in studios and sampling was both a complicated affair and regarded as a bit of a dodgy practice, as well.

Released in 1990, EASTWEST’s first ‘celebrity engineer’ collaboration was an instant hit.

’People were sampling bits of records and it was looked down upon by a lot of people as a kind of stealing,’ he recalls of sampling’s early days, when riffs and vocal bits were grabbed onto tape, digitised and triggered from early playback devices from companies like Akai and Emu. But I could see it coming,’ he says of the looming shift to digitised instruments. ‘It was as clear to me as the shift from typewriters to computers. That’s where instruments were headed, too.’ Read More (http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/webextras/doug-rogers)