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05-25-2005, 07:05 AM
This is the piece I submitted. It's was done with silver and a little reverb. Please feel free to comment.

Processional Fanfare (http://music.matthewarmstrong.com/processional_fanfare.mp3)

It was written for:


05-25-2005, 08:01 AM
This is good, very vigorous.
The very beginning is excellent, I like your brass writing.
The solo english horn is a good idea but you really need to expand this quiet section.After that the mood changes to quickly, it's to filmic but I think the music is intended to be a standalone.
You also need to expand the brassy theme for the second exposure before the final climax.
The rythmic coda seems to long compared to the short development of your theme.
You say it's also scored for woodwind but I can only hear the solo EH (and some piccolo sometimes), the string writing is very discret too.

I'd say that you have a very good beginning with this piece but I think you need to rework it from the solo EH for a good use of your themes, the piece looks to short with all these themes, nevertheless it's a good sign because sometimes I get bored after 1 or 2 minutes listening.

I remind you that it's only my humble opinion as a composer.

Thanks for sharing.

05-25-2005, 08:12 AM
I 100% agree with you. I tried to keep the thematic materials small, so that it wouldn't have a lot of undeveloped material. There is definately a lot more development that could have been used, but I tried to keep the "demo" concept in mind, so I didn't go into a full-blown development like I might otherewise do if I were distributing this for final performance.

Honestly, I really struggled with the "producing" aspect of this stuff. As a composer, writing the music isn't too tough, but using the sounds is still difficult for me. I had to cheat in a lot of places by swapping 1st and 2nd violin sound patches, cello and bass sound patches, etc., because silver doesn't include everything you would need to actually recreate this piece.

In regard to the woodwinds, I really struggled with keeping the brass from bulldozing everything. The strong brass is really nice, but each time I mixed it I had to keep pulling the brass down, perhaps I didn't pull them down far enough.