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07-13-2006, 02:21 PM
My name is Jon Prible, obviously an independent composer from Virginia Beach, VA. I made my first purchase (EWQLSO Silver Edition) back in December of 2005 and it really changed my whole approach to life, honestly. I was a banker who hated his job and I left the bank after getting some film score work and took a full-time job selling guitars and writing music....which I am much happier doing. Although I would love to write full-time, I am still young and I understand how everything in life is an uphill battle that only time, confidence, and passion can really win. We will see. I am continuing to write and working with what I have to write what I can.

After purchasing EWQLSO Silver Edition, I picked up Percussive Adventures, Vapor, and Adrenaline. I was soon able to afford StormDrum and began experimenting with several of the percussion samples and was damn happy. Shortly thereafter I purchased Colossus for virtually nothing (equal to the EW Group Buy for June) and then as a gift, received Rare Instruments. I am in the process now of saving up for EWQLSO Platinum Pro Bundle so I do not need really to buy anything else (besides Chorus).

My background is all music. When I was a kid, I started playing french horn from age 11 until today. I play guitar, drums, bass, etc. and write on my Radium 49 Keyboard from MAudio. As time and projects go on, however, I plan on acquiring a Godin LGX SA guitar and running it through the Roland Synth with Midi out to write even more stuff that I can't seem to get converted from guitar to piano. I am a huge fan of Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt alike. My passion for music ignited when I was 10 and I heard "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copeland (this was the early 90's) and dreamed of playing that way after that. My first Soundtrack I ever purchased was "The Rock" back in 1995 and since then have been in love with that genre. I have since exploded out my collection which carries all types, John Williams, James Horner, Harry Gregson-Williams, Alan Silvestri, etc.

I love music, I love movies and so I try to do both.

I have recently completed two independent documentary films and I am in the process of working on a 65 minute silent film (all music, which is tough for me) and I hope to really get the networking from that project to bump me to the next level. We will see.

I was told only to write, write, write, write, and write some more. Hole in one's do not occur overnight or immediately. You have to hit hundreds of balls in order to statistically score one. Hopefully, given the time, I will eventually get my own Ace. Thank you for taking the time to read all this and I hope it gives you a glance at who I am.


Jon Prible


EWQLSO Silver Edition, QL StormDrum, QL Colossus, QL RA, Percussive Adventures, Vapor, and Adrenaline.

07-13-2006, 02:45 PM
Hi Jon welcome to the forum, I had a listen to three of you titles I especially liked Glorious Awakening a real movie title very nice, I couldnīt get Happy Ending to work at all so no Happy Ending with that one! I look forward to hearing some more titles. Chris :D

07-21-2006, 09:50 AM
Welcome Jon. I requested an add on Myspace. I'm a big fan of Aaron Copland to. One of the great American composers.

07-22-2006, 02:16 AM
Welcome to this space, we share a lot of things in common, specially the passion for music. I am sure that with your experience, your presence in this forum will be helpfull for all of us.
We learn ones form anothers.