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02-21-2014, 12:16 PM
How about a mastering plugin designed specifically for east west

Here's a idea worth thinking about

How about an automatic mastering tool like what ozone is but designed for music with a lot of dynamic range so it would have smooth limiting instead of brickwall, noise reduction, light compression instead of over the top compression, and just a quality eq.

so i've been thinking about how this could work or couldn't...
and I think that instead of just an automatic system
something that would kind of work in a reverse engineered sort of way...

it starts out by examining your audio or whatever and determines how much db you should remove or add from your master fader in order to get the best results from the master preset...

now, you wouldn't want to have settings that you can't change.
That simply wouldn't work for the genre,
but you could make things easier for people by starting out with the optimal settings for the software and then allow the user to make fine adjustments..
All the manual options normal mastering software would have but instead of starting from scratch you work in reverse from the suggestions.
I would say 19 or 20 rms would probably be the optimal setting to start out.
smooth limiting is probably the most important thing to work on.
It would be smart if it gave a tip somewhere of what to set your east west mixer to on average volume wise.
See, if you give all the information and loaded suggestions on how to prepare the mixdown for the best results,
that's a lot less work you have to do in the master and much higher chances of an automatic preset mastering program to work well.
You would definitely have to set it up so people can swap out the eq or compressor or whatever for another one though because all of us like to use different tools at different times.

We simply can't use stuff like ozone for this stuff.

I wouldn't anyways.

I actual prefer mastering manually either way,
but I imagine something like this would sell
and I would still buy it because if it was designed specifically for east west then it would probably be perfect for it

anyways, it's a long shot of a suggestion
turn it down if you like ;)

Still might be a good idea though :)

04-01-2014, 09:16 PM
I second that emotion! :)