View Full Version : Symphonic Choirs - Selecting words with key switches or a MIDI-controller

05-19-2014, 03:37 PM
Just purchased symphonic choirs and I love the library. The word builder is awesome! :)

One thing I'd love to see implemented though is a way to select which word to play with a controller, or connect key-switches to specific words.

Just being able to restart the phrase and stopping the step-sequencer feels kind of limited.

One solution could be to use a MIDI-controller. The value of the controller selects the corresponding word in the phrase.

Ex. the phrase "SaE lenS iz gol den"
Entering the value 3 of this controller would jump directly 'iz"

..and since I don't think many make phrases longer than 127 words,
selecting any word in the phrase would be really easy :)

The other way to make a function like this could be to have.. ..let's say 12 predetermined MIDI-notes as "word key-switches". The user could then select any word in the phrase (with the mouse) and connect this to one of the key-switches.

There aren't many phrases with more than 12 words. ..and if you make a longer one, you could connect for example every second word to a key switch.. or what ever word that would make most sense to the user.. :P :)

I don't know if ideas like this have been brought up before and/or if you're already working on something similar.

Would be really nice to know!
thanks in advance for any reply! :)