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Feral Recording
07-26-2014, 11:00 AM
I have used East West products with Kontakt in the past, and was thoroughly impressed at their versatility. So with a recent film scoring project, I decided that it was time to buy in. After I got up and running with PLAY, I discovered that so much of the versatility that I had fallen in love with, was all gone.

Inquiring with East West about this, I was told you ended your contract with NI. I'm sure there are solid business reasons for choosing do this. However, I believe that the product has suffered in a big way.

Features that disappeared on us:

- The ability to tweak velocity and note mappings, as well sample volumes, root note, tuning, etc. Often times I found the velocity mapping in particular to be undesirable with the piece I am working on. And volumes between 2 velocity mappings to be way too drastic. Where we once used to be able to correct this and continue working in a matter of seconds, now we're forced to find a crafty workaround that may not be perfect, but allows us to stay in a good work flow.

- All of the modulation control and custom modular nature of kontakt. Having the ability to shape the sound with things like velocity mapped to filters and ADSR attack or even instrument volume. To do this easily is another feature I would consider indispensable. This sort of modulation allows for shaping that can make a piece of music sound more unique, and even personal. Shifting all the notes down a note can be a way of making a unique sound. Or to extend the range of a violin up or down if you need the extra notes. Or scaling a CC.

- A sample editor, I wouldn't say is indispensable, but was a welcomed and used feature for me when East West still had it's contract with NI. There are all sorts of unique opportunities for further shaping sound. Though maybe not a popular use among most East West users, this is a nice feature when you're trying to craft something less standard than a pristine orchestra. For example, I could create a loop of the waveform and have a very nice sounding string synth sort of thing. East West's samples are so good for that stuff!

Overall, I'm impressed by the samples. I'm disappointed that East West chose to end it's ....kontrakt.... with NI. The features available in kontakt are what made me fall in love with these libraries. With PLAY, my heart burns a little less luminous. I still love them. Perhaps if I never knew these samples in kontakt, I would not feel the same. It's only that I know the greatness these samples are capable of, and PLAY seems to have stepped in a limiting direction. It makes me feel like an old man looking back on a young man's life and thinking to myself "oh man, those were the days"

In short, with a more customizable sample engine, East West goes from great to greater. Perhaps you could offer a licensed version of kontakt again that customers can pick up the tab for. PLAY just seems too rigid for those of us who had a taste of something that could be used in endless ways. There are only a handful of ways to use PLAY.

I'm writing this mostly because I was once excited about PLAY PRO, which is a conversation that seems to have died 3 years ago. Please do it. Something. I'm jonesing for this to be what I know it can be, and what it once was.

12-30-2014, 04:55 AM
It's for the very reasons you cite that I have the older EW libraries (EWQLSO Pro Gold, Ra and Stormdrum) accessible in Kontakt. Kontakt is a lot more flexible with built-in effects and output routing which is something sorely missing in Play.

02-02-2015, 12:48 PM
Feral Recording - there was a post a month or two back from Doug Rogers stating that Play Pro is going to be finished off by external programmers. Play Pro is a full sampler. Play is a sample player.

02-02-2015, 01:14 PM
If the Play Pro will really come in 1-2 years then its gonna be something, as many other people who own the EW samples, we know that the sound is fantastic, I have dedicated PC slave just for EW stuff, with proper sampler, as Feral stated> from great to greater