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05-27-2005, 10:22 AM
I came across a fellow that had some awsome movie themed compositional work and he uses the Platinum Orchestral Edition.

Question I have is this. For a nubie getting into some compositional work who has nothing but a PC, what would be the fundamentals to begin work for composing for some video projects.

I'm looking at something that would get me going, usefull, flexible and maximizing budget. I dont believe is being a cheapskate when there are good points to buying a more expensive piece of software or hardware. Yet I don't need to have a 16 4Gig P4 dual core processor machines with 16 Gigs of memory in each device either.

I would assume I need a sequencing software, such as Cubase 3SX (unless a lower edition would be fine for begining), unless you have other suggestions.

I may wait on a group buy, if one comes out for either Gold Pro or Platinum Pro. Altho I'm not sure what the differences are between the pro or non pro editions.

Recording wise, I dont know whats needed. I don't have any syths or drum units, altho I have an older midi keyboard meant for input for a computer (would have to buy a midi -> USB adaptor).

Any suggestions from all are welcome and graciously accepted.

05-27-2005, 11:08 AM
hi there

I would recommend 2 pc's...one for sampling library streaming and one for the sequencer !!

If you only want one machine it should be powerfull though. I would say 2 standalone pc's is a better option..... But you can get away with one (for now) !!

With regards to a sequencer i would say Steinberg's Cubase sx3 / Nuendo 3 or Cakewalks Sonar 4 (although i personally prefer Cubase)...Sonar is the cheapest with good value for money but Cubase is more powerfull and have a better audio engine...Nuendo is expensive but Cubase is a great composition tool IMO. Sx and sonar is easy to learn> sonar the easiest...but has less functions also...

On macs you can look at Logic 7 or DP4 !! (note...only MAC > and Logic is very hard to learn but a very deep program)...Logic has the best synths plugins !

Also you need a pro soundcard like RME/MAudio etc and good monitors....and patience !! You can later look at a UAD 1 card for effects and realy make you music just sound better ! but wait a bit on this...there is lots to keep you busy the next year !

Do you have a midi interface/keyboard to play the samples with ?
Are you going to ad other hardware instruments into the recordings or only sample's ?

It will take you about 6-12 months to learn a sequencer well if you work very hard dialy on it.. It depends on you and how much time you wish to spend in music creation.

The articilation and sample "tweaking" is not hard to learn but again you have to spend alot of time and patience with it....its like learning a new instrument...its not hard but you have to work at it and have patience

hope this help a bit !!

welcome to the world of music creation...!!! :)

last tip: speak to as many people you can...go to many different music shops. spend alot of time in forums. try to get to someone/s and spend time with and in there studios

get reliable info and cross check advice...there are many users out there and all have different setups and all swear by it...so you have to make it work for YOU !!!! and what you want to achieve...so your studio should be custom made for YOU

good luck
ms :cool:

05-27-2005, 11:22 AM
Do you actually have any work lined up - or are you just hoping? Be aware that it is very difficult to break into film composing and don't expect to make any return on your investment for quite a while! Success comes very slowly to most of us - but if you have the talent - and the appropriate equipment you will succeed eventually - good luck!

05-27-2005, 01:10 PM
Since you are begining I would recomend you to start first with Silver or Gold and see if you get the hang of it. That way you will not need to spend a lot money right away, at least on hardware.
It is also a great way to learn the basics for later mastering the beast that is - Platinum.