View Full Version : MIDI CC "Learn" funtion in microphones faders

01-09-2015, 06:31 PM
I know that there is some funcionality with MIDI Learn in PLAY 4, but please add functionality to PLAY to activate, deactivate and control the volume of microphones faders remotely with MIDI CC.

Similar to what Spitfire Audio makes with faders in their products so you can map the MIDI CC to any MIDI controller and activate, deactivate and control the volume. You can map to another MIDI controller to control and mix microphones faders remotely, if the fader reach 0, the fader deactivate the microphone, above value 1, the mic is active and loaded.

Would be very useful for those who have the most strings articulations loaded into a template and the slaves computers in a separate room with lots of "PLAY" interfaces to handle one by one.