View Full Version : Adding a 2nd Computer to Pro Tools LE

05-28-2005, 03:58 AM
I am quite happy with my current set-up (below)

However I have begun dipping my toes into some of the great NI/EWQL Libraries. I own Stormdrum, Percussive Adventures, GPO and Artist Drums and recently bought Platinum. I also want to get RA and Collossus.

I know full well that these libraries require major computer power, and that currently NI software does not work very efficiently in Pro Tools.

To run Platinum and RA I am considering:
1.Buying a newer G5 to run alongside my G4.
2.Purchasing dedicated PC to run Kontakt alongside my G4
3. Purchasing two PC's and creating a new workstation and using Nuendo, which seems to run NI products the best.

Anybody have any experience do either of these with NI Software?
Input on what you think is the best solution at this point would be greatly appreciated.
Dual G4 1.25, 2 Gig, 002r
OSX 10.3.8 - PT 6.9
Yamaha 01V/96 - Waves Plat - Reason 3 - GPO