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11-24-2015, 05:03 PM
This is complicated!.... and my first post. I do not own any EW products yet and I need to make a decision ..Now!

Here is an explanation of what I am trying to do.

Here's my problem:

I have some money in my music budget. I wish I had more choir, but we're down to 4 dedicated individuals (SATB). Their pitch is good, tone is good, they listen to direction and use diction as directed. They blend well and they all trust me. They range between 55 and 65 so they do have some limitations.

Until I just discovered EW symphonic choirs, I was going to really test their faith and seriously have them perform "And the Glory of the Lord" by having a backing track (strings and harpsichord) and play the organ live.

I realize there is only one way for them to accomplish this and that is to have each of them record their part with the backing track so I can have all of the vocals on individual tracks (recorded without any effects ) and then have them sing with the final mix. I'd like perhaps 8 voices at least plus the 4 live vocals.

I have experimented with using mic's on the choir this year with a couple backing tracks. Wachet Auf No.4 is coming up so it's violin and cello and I'll play harpsichord. They'll sing live and use 4 mics ( not too close ) and just enough reverb with monitors pointed back at them so the sound is all coming from the singers. It's a live room so the reverb blends nicely and does not "stick out".

In most of what I hear ( YouTube demos, etc., ) the choirs sound like " a perfect world ".
So, can I realistically take the symphonic choir program and achieve a smaller choir sound, and have it recorded somewhat "dry", or try to emulate a medium church with not-bad acoustics? Is it possible to compensate so the symphony choir blends with my 4 live voices (also with some reverb) so the EW Choir does not sound too "obvious"? Having Kings College Cambridge as the rest of my choir might be a "little much".

One note, we do not use any main PA speakers for the choir, only the monitors. The church is acoustically pretty live so the result of using only monitors is "unobtrusive"..

I'm sorry for such a long introduction, but I felt by giving a clear picture, it might help obtain some experienced recommendations and find out if my expectations for EW Symphonic Choirs are reasonable.

Thank you for your time and any insight.