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11-25-2015, 07:39 PM
Somehow I understand the issue of play not in terms of CPU performance.
I use Cakewalk Sonar Platinum and have different variations orchestra templates created.

a template with 2 instances with Strings, 1 instance with Brass, 1 instance woodwinds and so on, so multitimbral with 1 output.

then had a template where I created as 1st instance violin 1 with 5 articulations multitimbral, violin every section 2 and so on.

then I have a template created where did I go every articulation in one instance of play. So much more instances. then aux buses, fx routing etc.

many keep saying it's better to create more instances CPU resources to save in order to be more cores driven multicore processors, like my third template.
but in my experiment, I've found that I have the best CPU performance with the first template that I have created, and they were all cores equally driven.
Now to my question: Why should I use more instances of play than I really need?
or do use the plug in right way ( i hope thats written correct)
i dont understnad this :confused:

my computer specs:
AMD FX 8320 clocked at 4GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti boost
256GB SDD (for Windows)
2 * 1TB HDD for 7200 samples.
with Cakewalk Sonar kingston update.
Hollywood Orchestra Diamond
and other EastWest librarys

sry for my english shamed.

greetings from Germany


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Hallo Sascha,

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