View Full Version : Hardware Emulation of Korg/Roland string sounds?

12-12-2015, 08:58 AM
There are some string sounds I love playing on Motif XS, Korg SV-1/Kronos, and Roland Integra/Fantom that have it's own 'character' that proved difficult to reproduce on EWQL. (I use Korg SV-1 as my primary 'Piano' controller)

For example, Korg SV-1 Patch: Other 1 (Strings) is a beautoful ensemble sound that has a mp sound with slow attack when the note is played softly and sharper attack and additional instrument tambres when the note are played more aggressively (high velocity). Basicially, it's an exceptionally playable string ensemble patch.

I would really like to link VELOCITY to ATTACK TIME as well as define more articulations mixed in with higher velocities on EWQL play.

(Is there a way to assign velocity to attack/rel time AND tambre level with user defined velocity curve?)

I have a crude workaround where I use multiple ensemble patches layered on the same midi channel on different DAW audio tracks where each track, but thats even morecombersome to achieve the desired result for the Korg ensemble sound.

(Note: Not trying to sound totally realistic, just