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08-30-2006, 12:14 AM
Hey folks,

I'm a 24 year old undergraduate student at the University of Colorado pursuing a degree in English Creative Writing and a minor in Japanese Language and Literature.

Despite this I personally aspire to create music for (at the very least) a partial living.

Ever since I was young I've had a leaning toward music. I've been making up songs for as far back as I can recall, I started writing music almost immediately after I started reading it (about 6th grade) and I ran a composition extracurricular club at my High School.

By the time I was a senior I was playing two instruments in two different band classes and I seriously thought I would be heading to a music school.

But for whatever reason, that just didn't happen.

Maybe I felt that because I already had music in my bones I didn't need to pursue it.

When I was a sophomore in High School I discovered Final Fantasy 7 on the PC. But more importantly is that I discovered MIDIs after really enjoying the FF7 OST. When I found out that you could make music on the computer I was pretty much thrilled. I mean... the idea that you didn't have to wait for the band director to have the HS orchestra muddle sight reading through your work just to hear it played back was pretty darn nifty.

I don't know if any of you remember (or have ever experienced) how horrible a HS orchestra was/is, but let's just say that on an aural scale from zero to ten they rank at about a negative forty-two.

And I didn't even play a stringed instrument so sometimes I wouldn't even be able to attend the class to see them practice the piece.

Well, anyway, after I discovered MIDI it wasn't long until I discovered the lovelyness of varied MIDI playback devices.

When I graduated in 2000 I purchased my steadfast and trusty Roland JV1080 which sounded "so real, omg" that I even played FF7 PC with my Roland as a playback device (not actually a good idea, FYI).

Well, I've had that little Roland for more than 6 years (I bought it used for $500) and I've done just about everything you could do with that particular piece of equipment that didn't cost extra money or involve actually cracking the thing open with a screwdriver (or a hammer... or both)

I have squeezed as much "realistic sound" as I could out of it and I've known for some time that I was long past due for an upgrade.

However, being a student with your standard low paying side work, there is little within my reach.

I have been saving my money for a gigarig or something similar for quite some time and I've finally made my purchases today. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm impatient, and excited. It's like an excitement sandwich. Excitement on both sides of the sentence.

I have just ordered the following:

EWQLSO Gold + Pro XP
QL StormDrum

It's in the shopping, tube, as it were, paid for and ready to send my way.

Because I haven't had much formal training, however, I've been rereading my slightly beaten copy of "Principles of Orchestration by Rimsy Korsikov"

After I get through that I have the Berlioz/Strauss one which I haven't read in any serious detail but I remember liking, especially because of the extensive examples (or what I remember it having)

Any other good orchestration books that will prove useful, especially for the aural qualities of the EWQLSO library?

Any suggestions you guys with experience have would be glorious. Assuming you were willing to tolerate my whole damned life-story here. ;)

They'll all be hosted on a new comp I've built to run Kontakt 2 in standalone:
Athlon 64 3200+, 4GB RAM, one 40GB 7200rpm HD, three 74GB 10,000rpm HDs, audiophile 24/96 (or whatever it is), 550 watt PSU, etc, etc, etc

Anyway, an impatient, rambling me signing off, welcoming any suggestions,

Oh yes, here's a pic of me for you visual freaks -- me hosting an open mic at a student apartment I worked at for a while. In this pic somoene else was teaching me some chords to play so I could back him up:

08-30-2006, 04:00 AM
Hi, Dan. Good luck. One glaring standout - you have nowhere near enough disk space. Samples are huge!

one 40GB 7200rpm HDNow if that was 500 GB... (growing room).

08-30-2006, 09:29 AM
Thanks for the heads-up, :)

Luckily the 40GB 7200rpm HD will be my system disk, my samples will be stored across
three 74GB 10,000rpm HDs

And thank you for the the well wishing, I'm completely new to this software and I'm hoping to adapt it to my methods (and vice versa) as quickly as possible.

09-01-2006, 06:28 AM
Welcome Dannthr,

You will love East West!!!!

Make sure that you have enough in your HD as Russel_D said.

Gold pro, RA and Colossus are my Dreams. I canít wait to get it one day!

09-01-2006, 09:45 AM
Hey Dannthr..thanks for sharing your story!

To answer one of your questions you asked on orchestration... I would recommend Samuel Adler's latest "Study Of Orchestration" which also comes with a set of disks that play all the examples that are used in the book. Each has it's own cost. Make sure if you do go ahead and buy it that you get both the CD's and the book. There is also a workbook if you like...but if you get the main book and CD's you'll be good. The nice part is that you compare examples in the book with the CD's but then because you'll have a good little bundle from East West you'll also be able to call up articulations and such and hear them at your demand as you study.

It's a good thing! Good luck to you!