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01-01-2016, 01:30 AM
We need Hollywood Military.

I was sad that I couldn't find a good "Soldiers Marching Boots" patch in EWQL PLAY. I even scanned "marching" "march" "military" and the only thing that comes close are some Storm Drum presets. There some good online sample resources, but I really wanted to play marching boots SD style.

Some key differences with this library is that all samples are recorded outdoors as opposed to indoors with almost all the other projects you have.

A good place to record would be in flat plains/grassy area, canyons, Forrest, or urban.

All instruments have Near to Far discrete distances heard from 3 discrete distances (1 yard, 15 yards, 40 yards)

Specialty patches for American, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and outer space
Outdoor Military Percussion Instrument Category
Outdoor Snare
Outdoor Bass Drum
Outdoor Cymbals
Ourdoor Tenor Drums

Outdoor Military Instrument Category
Outdoor Winds: Clarnet, Flute
Outdoor Horns: Trumpet, Trombones, Tuba
Outdoor Pipes: Bagpipe, etc

Outdoor Military Vocals and Marching Category
Outdoor Grunts
Outdoor Commands
Outdoor Marching - BOOTS, March, whip, slide :cool:
FX - Comm. Radio (common military commands on radio) (male 1, male 2, female 1, female 2)

Outdoor Military Weapons Category
Guns: Choose your rifle, unlimited ammo :D
Cannons: Choose your cannon, instant fire :)
Blades: Choose your blade, chop chop :cool:
Lazers: Plasma rifles and lightsabers
FX - Cocking gun, assembling etc.

Outdoor Military Vehicles and Buildings Category
FX - Ground Assault Vehicles: Tanks treading, firing
FX - Air Assault Vehicles: Jets launching, Doppler effects
FX - Sea Assault vehicles: Submarines, Ships, sonar
FX - Sirins and Alarms
FX - Onboard Gears
FX - Digital Equipment
FX - War Room
FX - Bunnker
FX - Trenches

Silver: Close Position Only in flat plains 44.1/16
Gold: Close and 15 yard distance in plat plans and Forrest 44.1/16
Platinum: Would have 3 mic positions and all locations 96/24 and 44.1/16 and 44.1/24

Is this realistic?

Jared Johnston
04-22-2016, 11:24 PM
This is a great idea. But I'd like to see some bag pipes and old drums as well, think Napoleonic era sound.