View Full Version : Midi learn... question - finger positioning

01-10-2016, 06:42 AM
I'm attempting to map the finger position knob in HB to CC 16 (or any other CC for that matter).

Noob setup question as I just got EW cloud for the holidays:

I'm attempting to map my physical midi controller to the features of the Play engine.

Play correctly sees my Midi controller either standalone, or in my DAW. I can play notes, use my mod-wheel, expression etc.. I also verified I can use the midi-learn feature (right click on a control) and map a CC control to the knob. My test knob is the the envelope attack, and I was able to map that easily to CC 76 - a default knob on my controller.

I wanted to map a CC to the fingering knob for violins. I load a patch that has fingering and map the finger knob to CC 16 via midi-learn... . The knob doesn't respond for some reaosn. Just to be sure, I mapped that CC 16 to the attack knob to verify that it wasn't a MIDI signal issue - it isn't, CC 16 is being read correctly.

Any clues as to why the fingering knob doesn't want to respond to CC controls mapped to it? The play interface responds to mouse wheel and keyswitches, but not CC.

I am probably doing something wrong, but not knowing what it is, I'm stumped.