View Full Version : MIDI Code Causing Stormdrum 2 Playback in Only One Speaker?

01-20-2016, 03:09 PM
Hi All,

First time poster, so forgive me if there's something wrong about the post. Just let me know how to correct it.

I have searched online and can't find an answer to my dilemma.

I am a relatively recent Composer Cloud subscriber. Accordingly, I use multiple EW libraries.

While I use a DAW (Cubase 8 Elements) to host the VST instances and manage playback, I use Finale (2014) to provide playback. This all happens in realtime (I use Loop30 Virtual MIDI to connect the two programs).

Finale --> Virtual MIDI cables --> Cubase, hosting EW libraries

Recently I have found that starting playback from Finale is somehow causing EW Stormdrum 2 instruments to only play sound from only one channel/speaker (left side). However, all the knobs in PLAY appear unchanged (i.e., the panning knob isn't turned all the way to the left).

If I reload the VST instrument, the problem disappears and we are back in stereo. However, whenever I then start playback through Finale, only sound comes from one side.

So it seems something is being transmitted from the Finale MIDI data that is causing the issue. Moreover, I have not checked every library, but it appears that other East-West instruments are not affected, only Stormdrum 2...

Any thoughts? Is someone aware of a MIDI code that would do something like this?


01-21-2016, 12:26 PM
That's CC10, instrument pan