View Full Version : A Choice on Dynamics Control - Hollywood

01-29-2016, 06:44 PM
It would be great if EW could implement an update to the Hollywood Instruments, the long sustain articulations only, to give the artist a choice in how dynamics are handled.

1/ As is, using CC1 and CC11
2/ Using velocity directly, as in QLSO

It is more efficient and logical to use direct velocity control for expediency, musical reasons and others. But it would really help when the composer hits a brick wall with pops and dropouts due to too many samples being read at one time. A MIDI command could be used to switch between these two methods, because obviously they are incompatible at the same time. But if you hare having dropouts, reverting back to method #1 temporarily, Play would not have all those samples running simultaneously (at 0 volume but taking up CPU), only the one that the velocity setting chooses. Why not let the artist decide? Heck, when you come down to it, the computer REALLY decides and you can't argue with your computer, especially on a deadline.