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02-14-2016, 07:05 PM
Hi All,

I am Wesley. I am interested into Film, Tv and Games field, which instruments is a must to purchase? Because I am new in these instruments. I am planning to purchase the CCC4, which need 7 instruments, anyone can give me suggestion please?

Thank you. =)

02-15-2016, 02:41 PM
Well, a little difficult to say as film/tv/game music can cover a very broad range of styles and sounds

I'd say that the ones you'll definitely want (based on most the film/tv/game music I hear) are:
-Hollywood Strings
-Hollywood Brass
-Stormdrum 2 Bundle
-Stormdrum 3

The next 3 are debatable:

-If you want to finish out the whole orchestra to it's fullest, you'd want to get Hollywood Woodwinds and Percussion (or just one if you want just that section), but you could also get Symphonic Orchestra to fill in the cracks there if you don't write very detailed or heavy winds/percussion parts. Plus this will save you a spot for another library

-If you see yourself writing some music with an "ethnic/world" flair you may want to consider RA, Silk, Gypsy, or Voices of Passion (which will all pair great with the Stormdrum series)

-If you may be doing a lot of solo piano stuff, the obvious choice there is QL Pianos; absolutely beautiful library

-If you don't have a strong reverb plug-in, you'd be hard pressed to do better than Spaces. I have used it on EVERY song I've written since purchasing it

Jeff Hayat
02-15-2016, 04:28 PM

If you want to do music for Film, Tv and Games, you will need a whole heck of a lot more than seven libs. But, if you are just getting started, the post above mine has some good suggestions. Just bear in mind, that over time, you are going to have to build your arsenal to include an extremely wide range of libs.


02-15-2016, 07:15 PM

Thank you very much to both of you. I would like to ask StormDrum 2 Bundle is it different thing compare to StormDrum3? If I get both of this is it enough for percussion section? If want to choose for ethnic music which instruments should be choose first? The dark side?

Thank you.

02-16-2016, 06:46 AM
StormDrum 2 Bundle & StormDrum 3 are different instruments, yes. StormDrum 3 focuses more on ethnic percussion, will StormDrum 2 is more varied.
These do not include all orchestral percussion though (for example, timpanis), but there are certain snares and so on.

For ethnic music, you should not get The Dark Side, as it's a gritty, distorted instrument. You might misunderstand, but ethnic means music inspired by certain cultures or regions of the world, for example celtic music. As mentioned above, Ra, Silk, Gypsy and Voices of Passion are great for these things.

Raden Agung
02-17-2016, 03:22 PM
First time my purchased product was Symphonic Orchestra and Voice of Passion. Then purchased the CCC 2 after collect money from few project that contain of Hollywood Brass, Wind, Strings, MOR2, Ra, The Dark Side, Gypsy, Spaces. That's all i use EWlib for the first time until now for TV, Movie and game. Now i have almost all EWQL library. except Stormdrum 3 and MOR1 and Solo violin. Not meant they are bad, but i think for the moments i still can work well with Stormdrum 2PRO and MOR2. For Solo Violin just skip because i don't like the sound and wait Hollywood Solo Violin release.