View Full Version : Hollywood Cathedral

03-01-2016, 08:12 PM
I've been playing around in Hauptwerk and while it sounds amazing (especially piping it through Spaces) it's just not really built to be sequenced. It doesn't behave like a PLAY plugin that saves its state with your (in my case, Logic) project and doesn't allow multiple instances of it.

It also really, REALLY wants you to have three keyboards, which I would prefer to do as separate tracks.

Using multiple PLAY instances or keyswitches to toggle stops would be a lot easier than teaching Hauptwerk how to change on MIDI events.

Seems like a good fit for Composer Cloud now that we have a few "small" instruments like the Harp. I know this has been talked about in years old threads but I just wanted to make sure it's known it's still plenty desired, by me at least.