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09-02-2006, 12:22 PM
hi folks,

i am not new to east/west sounds, but new to this forum.

i bought the EWQLSO Platinum and XP in January and just bought the Symphonic choirs at the end of August becasue i have to score a horor film. not my favorite genre, but the guys who put it together were clever, had a cool visual style, were convincing...oh, and had money... i was impressed with the quality of the EWQLSO, especially in 5.1, for a feature score i just finished that is in distribution negotiations now. it sounded believable!

i have been a composer professionaly for over 12 years and i specialize in music to picture. yet, i did spend some years in a rock band. some of my music work is not to picture. it varies from radio spots, to tv, to coporate thing, art museum pieces, classical records, pop records, childrens records top independent documentary, feature, short and animatied films. about 5-6 years ago i started dong a lot more audio post work which i like a lot. i love sound. for years i had been also designing sounds and i like to design musical sounds, or certainly sounds that worlk with music.

as to styles, i like them all, but of course some, i only like in small doses.

anyway, hey! and i look forward to sharing and working through problems, musing on the state of things musical, and having a few laughs.


09-03-2006, 02:44 AM
Ciou Minister and welcome to the Forum ! Chris :D