View Full Version : Linked CCs...?

05-15-2016, 07:55 PM
Really have no other string samples I like as much as HS.
I have a very extensive controller and Custom MIDI device where I can manipulate the EGs and volume/expression so I can nail phrases using a simple sustained 1st Violin Section.

I do this by having CCs assigned to A D S R modifying them glitch free in real time.
The MIDI Device basically takes CC# 20 from an expression pedal at its MIDI Input, then has 16 x CCs sent out into HS.
It works really well but I want all instruments loaded to act the same way.
Cellos 2nd Violins, etc. require a new CC for of the ADSR knobs.

Is there a way I can have attack for example on every instrument loaded to accept the same CC..?

Linking them really make th j ngs easy for me.