View Full Version : Distributed processing and/or cloud resources

10-26-2016, 10:37 AM
Is there such a thing as too much processing power? :D

We have the ability in various host software to run plugins like PLAY remotely across multiple machines (using ReaMote, etc.) Many of us I would guess appreciate the mobility of a laptop but also have a more complete/beefier setup at home.

What I would like is a license model that would allow me to use a single Composer Cloud subscription across those multiple machines at the same time - without having to compromise by saying that only the Desktop runs EWQL, etc. And without breaking my modest bank. Not to solution for you, but maybe have a "remote plugin" version of Play, that (to protect the business interests of EW) requires a connection to a "master license" plugin to run?


My day job involves being a systems architect and making use of cloud based services. So I don't mean to be unrealistic and I get at least some of the challenges you would face. But I'd also LOVE to see a Cloud Foundry or Docker type model where I could spin up a serious amount of processing to run a large Orchestra on demand.

I get the network latency issues, but I'm thinking of Sibelius where I can swap out Playback configurations on the fly. That would let me work in a "lite/local/reduced" configuration of some kind if I need low latency. But when I'm ready to play the whole score back for real - crank up the processors. Some reasonable-ish buffering/latency won't kill me, and sure beats dealing with audio drop-outs or quality compromises due to hardware challenges.

Plus, if I were a large customer of yours, IMO its in line with the general trend to not have to own/support a large farm of hardware if its avoidable. I have senior management who say they never want to own hardware again.

Just my two cents, keep or sweep as you wish.