View Full Version : Play ram disable & adv. instrument properties (scales)

06-20-2017, 11:51 PM
A)It would be very useful if the ram of a loaded instrument could be disabled in a instance of Play itself or reloaded at anytime. Right now you can unload all the mic positions from the ram, but if you save and close a session and then re-open the session you can no longer reload the instrument samples which were unloaded.

B)Add scales to the advanced instrument properties which allow you to play only notes in that scale by only loading samples in that scale. You could include all the common scales.


06-23-2017, 07:00 AM
Further Concerning A)
I did recently discover that you can unload the samples via mic positions, close down the session and load the samples back in via the activation buttons for the articulations and then loading from the mic positions works... So you can technically make disabled templates, unfortunately there is just a bit of click click click involved to load the samples back in. It would be nice that only clicking the mic positions would load or unload even if you save it unloaded and then reopen the session backup and reload it by clicking the mic positions again without out having to reactive any of the articulations. Well anyways I have a way to do it for now, if you made this little update it would just make things a bit quicker, thanks!

06-25-2017, 11:17 PM
Further concerning A) I also recently noticed some libraries do not allow you to unload all of the mic positions in Play (Stormdrum 3). Others you can unload the articulations, but if you save and close the session you are not able to reload the articulations (Ghostwriter).
Others it seems if you unload the mic positions from ram, save and close the session, when you open it back up the instrument will be loaded (certain instruments in symphonic choirs - men & women hard mod, and vota multi patches). There may be similar things that happen with other libraries, but I have not encountered them yet.