View Full Version : Custom Build you own keyswitches patches

08-20-2017, 12:49 PM

I've been looking everywhere but it seems that it's still not possible to build your own keyswitch patches. How come? It seems it would be so easy to implement and immensely benefit us users.

A lot of us that are using Cubase and expression maps. I'd be able to load my favorite articulations on one single track. The existing keyswitches are never exactly what we need. As of now, asides from a few well designed keyswitch patches, they mostly feel as if they where meant for live application but Cubase's expression maps as proven that it's in fact very useful. As long as we can build our own.

I love the way spitfire audio as it where one patch contains the possibility of all articulations and you load the ones you need. You have great libraries but let's face it, the engine is getting old. I can think of at least 5 very simple things that would make a huge difference but I'll post another thread for that.

By the way I own pretty much all of EWQL libraries having bought a composer pro bundle twice. You would think that having that many articulations, you would get an engine that handles them better.