View Full Version : Feature Requests Recap

09-12-2017, 04:28 AM
I've posted a few already in the forum but here's a recap to summarize what I think the Play engine needs.

1- A search box for articulations and patches. You have thousands and it's a mess. Think of Omnisphere's search engine and all great synths plugins.

2- An info box for each patches that includes information about the patch, it's cc related commands and patch description. Some of the patches in Hollywood Strings use CC1 for xfade velocity and some use CC11 with CC1 assigned to vibrato. We need to see that. Having to refer to the manual for every abbreviation for a year before remembering all that they stand for is a learning curve that will discourage most users. We even have to use the scroll bar to see the full name of the patch on some of them.

3- Building our custom user key switches patches so we can take advantage of Cubase's expression maps better. I want to be able to build a single patch and track that would contain my favorite articulations for an instrument. Spitfire Audio as a great way of having all articulation available on a single KS instance. I understand that EWQL has more of them so let us built our own KS patches. We can already map the existing KS in the player window so adding or removing some articulations should not be too hard to implement.

4- Master mic selection and envelope link button for ensemble patches. Like the Reverb does.

5- Mapping window so I can map percussions patches to my pads and electronic drums. I'd love to be able to map patches from StormDrum 3 to my V-Drum for exemple. Better yet, have some pre-mapped templates for EDrums like all great drums and percussions plugins already do. Think Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums. I want to be able to play the orchestral snares on my Roland PD-125.

I realize that those are a lot to implement but I think that the Play Engine needs to catch up. You have awesome libraries but the engine is slowly loosing to the competition where pretty much all those features are already present and well implemented.