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09-28-2006, 09:52 AM
Well hello people.

Just thought id finally introduce myself.

My names Richard, im from the south west of england and it feels rather odd to be finally saying hello as ive been reading these forums for so long, (back in the days when we were posting at "the other place") that i feel like i know most of you,

Ive just graduated in a music related degree.
Im mostly about the sound design and post production and done a few things with the BBC and games companies but I also dabble in scoring but nothing professional sadly.
Im a fellow gold owner and has been one of my favorite xmas presents to my self ever!

Well I hope you say hello and get to chat properly in the near future as I still believe that this is the most friendly and helpful forum ive come accross and has certainly helped me and hopefully i can help some people back and also get some music up here one day soonish for you to make me nervous about! :)

Rich :)

Ignis Fatuus
09-28-2006, 10:22 AM
Hi! I'd welcome you but it seems like you've been here longer than I have :)
Ian F.

09-28-2006, 03:05 PM
Hi Rich, welcome, Bath now that´s used to be a really nice place, a town where you could get a nice cream tea and that sort of thing am I right? Now you can get everything there I heard they´ve even got crack? wow how times have changed. I used to live in Warminster a nice sleepy little town it was then. Look forward to hearing your music. Chris :)

10-05-2006, 09:52 PM
Hi Richard,

So you know all of us, but we dont know you, Just like a star:D