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02-02-2007, 12:29 PM
What's up folks, glad to be reading posts on here about the Gold and Platinum orchestral libraries which I will undoubtedly invest in after I wear out Miroslav Philharmonik which I just purchased recently.

Also apparently I should wait to get EWQLSO since the price of the orchestral libraries is coming down soon, is that right??

My background is in orchestration and conducting, but not with computers, so this is pretty exciting to do some things without needing a stage full of people and their instruments. Some demos I've heard have sounded quite good with EWQLSO.

As for my current workflow, I have been writing music in Finale, exporting as MIDI, then loading the MIDI into Sonar to play back through Miroslav. I expect the same workflow to be necessary when I get EWQLSO since I doubt Finale will support the PLAY plugin.

Do I understand that PLAY will avoid the need for manual keyswitching? It will read ahead and determine appropriate patch articulations? Pretty cool, just like Vienna... I am wondering how it will determine how a particular articulation in the MIDI data should be played back staccato vs just rapid arco? The "dots" from the Finale score of course don't really translate into a unique MIDI quality, which is why manually giving such passages a new MIDI track with its own articulation seems necessary. Any further info on this is greatly desired. Maybe staccato would not be a possible thing for PLAY to determine automatically.


02-03-2007, 01:32 AM
Hi Andrew and welcome, I think my background is similar to yours, but you will get the hang of using samples after a lot of practice, the first two years are the worst !! no just kidding. :D

02-04-2007, 05:23 AM
Welcome and enjoy :D