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04-09-2005, 06:23 AM
I was working on a short lyrical passage and discovered an interesting thing as far as legato patches are concerned.

In this case, I was using the 11VI SUS VIB SOFT LEG patch for a legato passage.

Just loading up the patch’s default setting, I find that I still get that “sucking” sound even though a “legato patch” is what we might want to use in order to NOT get this effect.

I find that if I turn off the Retrigger button under the Volume Envelope section, the legato effect is much better (not perfect but better..) than the default - ON - setting.

This saves a bit of time as far as needing to do a lot of note overlap tweaking to get the desired effect.

The legato 11VI is playing in two note unison. The underlying cello is only there to support the legato passage.

What do you think? The same exact midi notes are playing in both examples.

Short examples below:

Retrigger ON (http://www.dpkmusic.com/music/legtestretrigON.mp3)(default setting)

Retrigger OFF (http://www.dpkmusic.com/music/legtestretrigOFF.mp3)

11VI midi notes image (http://www.dpkmusic.com/images/legtestmid.jpg)


04-09-2005, 07:01 AM

Scott Rogers
04-09-2005, 09:54 PM
Your right. Retrigger off is considerably better.

04-10-2005, 01:24 AM
Good tip... Shouldn't that thread move in the Helpfull hints section though ? Would be nice for all users....


04-10-2005, 07:11 AM
Good tip DPK.

I notice from your image file that the notes aren't overlapped which can partly eliminate that sucking sound, but I know that wasn't the purpose of your post.

I wonder if turning the trigger off has any bad side effects on other articulations?