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07-21-2007, 04:25 PM
Hi folks,
My name is Les. I run a few websites, most of them are dedicated to MIDI and good music.
I started playing with MIDI shortly after it was invented and I still find it tons of fun.
For a long time I resisted the idea of computer recording, soft synths and similar.
I didn't believe PCs were ready to produce quality audio. I hope my new computer and new toys will prove me wrong.
I just invested an insane amount of money into hardware and software, and made the jump into computer audio.
I might be a MIDI veteran when it comes to
hardware synths, but I'm a complete newbie on soft synths and digital recording.
I'll try to stay out of the way and only ask stupid questions when I'm really stuck and can't find the answers anywhere.
The main purpose of my serious investment into PC audio is the fading popularity of MIDI as web-friendly music format.
Now we have MP3 and high-speed internet, so I'm going to have to convert a lot of MIDI files to MP3 to keep my visitors happy.
Here's what I use (more like trying to use):
PC with Windows XP Pro SP2, Dual Core 3GHz Intel Processor, 2GB RAM
Cakewalk Pro 3.01 (old but still the best for MIDI), Sonar 2XL, Cubase VST Score 5,
EWQLSO Gold + Choirs, Akoustik Piano, Absynth 3, Battery, Ableton Live 4, Vegas Video 3, E-mu Proteus X, PatchMix DSP, and a few more.
I could use some Aspirin now...

07-22-2007, 01:53 PM
Hi Les and welcome ! Chris