View Full Version : hello I am Douglas Liang

07-31-2007, 03:01 PM
my name is Douglas Liang net and nick name : Cooliang.

I am a student of SFSU san francisco state university.
I was supposed to learn classical voice, but I was having a hard time to preform cuz my English problem, now I switch to electronic music lab.
now I am being a self-producer, had some experience of making music for online cartoon and other songs (which is almost all in Chinese anyway) nice to be here and meet all u guys around the EASTWEST forum.

nice to share and be shared the information bout electronic music software with u guys.
My bigger wish will be a singer or a music producer ( or song writer ) as pro in the future (hopefully after this year) haha. Anyone wants to make a friend with me, u can msn me at wliang3698@hotmail.com

(note: for learning Chinese, 10 dollars per hour haha)