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Old 02-21-2012, 02:36 AM
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Default Blown away with Hollywood Strings

I installed Hollywood Strings yesterday, and it took a short while for me to get the hang of them. The playibility, and expressive sound is stunning!! I'm running in the latest version of Vienna MIR and VEPRO. Apart from the play instruments I use, yep I'm a big VSL user, owning 20 full collections and all their software. It seems like I'm coming back to EW. I'm using play version 2 and not the latest HS software, (what came on the drive), and I kinda feel afraid to update since the performance and stability was flawless! If anyone has a similiar setup, and running play 3 smoothly, I'd appreciate your thoughts. Also is their some way to set the library/engine to load the close mics by default?! That would save me a hell of time.

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At the moment you cannot set the close mics as the default. But you can save each of the patches that you use on a regular basis as new patches, where you have the close mics loaded instead of the main mics.

I run 20 or so instances of Play at the moment in my setup and it works flawlessly (except for one very annyoing problem, but it's not Play-related). If you update HS you'll get better performance from the library, and in my opinion Play is very stable and has been since version 2, so you will only gain by updating. You can always downgrade again. Just make a copy of your HS samples first.
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Great! If I save all the patches loaded with close mic positions, I'm assuming that will overwrite the original, since the HS drive is R/W. Yeah?!
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You can overwrite them, or save them as a new file.

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