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Old 08-13-2009, 03:08 PM
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Hey all,
I am new to this site and would like to introduce myself and learn a bit more about how it all works here at Sounds online. My name is Jeff- all of my compositions are done under the name Idle Bel 10 though, (it means alot of things and yet can mean very little at the same time), I guess you could say that its a paradox unto itself. Anyway...I am originally a Bass/ Guitar player but over the years I have added other instruments to my bag of tricks -mainly more out of necessity than for any other reason (attitudes, disagreements, people not showing) so now or actually in the last five years I have worked alone. With the advent or higher technical qualities of SoundFonts and virtual instruments I discovered that I can produce everything myself and not have to deal with any outside interference. Forutanately I had a friend that had most of this equipment and software and he was kind enough to show me and let me use his rig to compose my earlier pieces. (He used Sonar Producer 7 and Garritans Personal Orchestra) all I had was Acid 5.0 but utilized it for my final mixing. Now I have my own equipment (although a little out dated) its great, Recently purchased a used Muse Receptor 1.7 loaded with Colossus by EWQL among a host of other things that I use and Cakewalk's Sonar Studio 8wish I had a better computer but that will all come in time. My most ambitious project to date was one done about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago called Eternal Sadness (almost an hour of music consisting of 12 separate pieces that are loosely tied or bound together- you can view and or listen to them at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/defa...?bandID=979075 which consists of the original 12 from Eternal Sadness and three additional one that are from two other projects. As I said early on I am new to all of this and would appreciate any guidance that can be thrown or tossed in my direction. Also I'd love to get opinions and or reviews on what I have done thus far (i really need constructive direction) from listeners so that I can better hone my skills. All I ask is that you be honest (if it stinks say so, by the same token if its great let me know, if it needs that little (or alot) extra something just say so). It wont hurt, I promise. Glad to be a new part of the Sounds Online community and thank you all for your future guidance.
Old 08-13-2009, 07:31 PM
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Welcome Jeff!
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I must say that this is the best forum to go to for Music Tech discussion...
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Hey Newbie, welcome from an oldbie !
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