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Default International Job scoring for Our Ocean Conference 29-30 Oct at Bali, Indonesia

This is my international job for score 8 videos for OOC (Our Ocean Conference) several days ago in Bali, Indonesia.
in this project 65% i used EW products, 20% from 8Dio, 10%Native Instruments, 5% from Pro Tools and AIR tech instrument.
Instruments list:
EW Products
1. Hollywood Orchestra-diamond
2. Hollywood Choirs-diamond
3. Silk
4. Voice of Empires
5. Storm Drum 2 and 3
6. Pianos-Platinum
7. Ghostwriter
8. EW Space reverb 2

8Dio Products
1. Hybrid tools 1-3
2. Rhythmic Aura 1 and 2
3. Studio vocal Laurie
4. Instant Steel String Guitar

Native Instruments
1. Electric guitar sunburst
2. Cinesample solo strings

Pro Tools
1. Bio Tek 1
2. Hybrid 3.0 (AIR tech)

Check this out the 8 scores:


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