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Old 04-25-2012, 07:00 PM
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Hi Guys,

I am just starting out in composing for film and tv and wanted to get your feedback on some of my work.(Mostly the classical/film ones, not the rock/pop/other)

I really need help improving my mixing,orchestration, sample library tips, and more.
Anything you can help me with would be much appreciated.


Alot of my work can be seen here: soundcloud.com/benjamingoldmanmusic

Thanks in advance!!!
Old 05-01-2012, 03:03 PM
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Hi Benjamin,

I am just starting with virtual instruments, but do have some composing experience. I won't talk much about the details of your mixing, but here are some of my overall thoughts about your music:

- Going for Gold: The melody and the harmony were fine. I think the rhythm was problematic in this piece. Especially the harmonic rhythm (rhythm of the harmonic changes) was unclear and often made unexpected changes. The texture could be more transparent, especially in the end where the chords were a bit muffled. The heroism of the horns came through quite distinctly though.

- Hauntingly Beautiful: This is a nice quiet piece. For more haunting beauty, you could consider adding some more expressive melodic twists or texture or some harmonic dissonance. The ending! You seem to stop in the middle of something (unexpected E in the base). I wonder how it would go forward. In the middle you made a D major to F major chord change where the piano and the strings were not in sync, make sure that the two chords don't overlap as it sounds a bit weird in this context.

- Sweeping Movie Theme: While quite short, this offers more ear candy compared to the two previous pieces. The timpani and xylophone were used solidly. The cymbal at 0.12 seems a bit out of place, consider moving or removing it. The string melody would in my opinion sound better if it were legato throughout. Nice idea to end with the xylophone.

- Epic Orchestra: I would say that the name of the piece is not very descriptive. An epic piece would have to use a lot more instruments and have a heroic feeling. But the real problem with this piece in my opinion is that you repeat the same melodic fragment throughout and it gets very repetitive after a while. This does not work well in the genre you are aiming at. You also divide the whole piece to sets of two bars, four bars, eight bars, very regularly. Try something original.

And some more generic ideas: Concentrate on creating good melodies and a varied texture throughout. The last pieces had a bit unimaginative chord-based accompaniments, while Going for Gold was more interesting in that respect. Get textural orchestration ideas from books and scores, I think that is more important than the details of the mixing or your sample libraries at the moment.

The best of luck for you!
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