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Old 07-03-2019, 03:29 PM
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Default Feverish 4 PLAY Cloud

Decided to join up, too many great instruments to not have access to.

New build using a pair of 2TB NVMe M.2s and 2 x more storage devices, a 1TB SSD for OS+Apps, and an 8TB HDD just to store all samples.
The 2 x NVMe devices for samples needed for project at hand.

Just to make sure about PLAY Cloud...
I can be offline and use PLAY Instruments recalled from my 8TB Drive.
Just need to pay every month and naturally be online to register my old PLAY HString iLok to be my PLAY Cloud stick for verification?

New AMD Build, hope it works good if not, Iíve got plenty of PCs I know are powerful enough.

Just looking to confirm before I commit.

4 x ASRock Z97m WS / i7 4790k
1 x Asus P10S WS / Xeon v5 1275
1 x Supermicro Q370 / i7 8086k
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Old 07-03-2019, 03:57 PM
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Yes, you can be offline and load the instruments - you just have to be connected once a month in order for the iLok license to update itself and to download the libraries.

Also, iLok 2 and 3 keys are compatible with Play 6, but if you have the old blue weird shaped ilok 1 key, you would want to move your licenses directly to your computer via the iLok License Manager and unplug the iLok 1 key (it can cause Play 6 to not load or to load very slowly if it's plugged in, even if our licenses aren't on it).
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