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Default mixing wet and dry samples

...still new at composing orchestral pieces via electronics. I watched an interesting video on Spitfire's web site about this topic... like when I use some dry Hollywood Orchestra patches along with some Spitfire Orchestra samples that were recorded in a large hall. The engineer's approach was to use two different reverbs, one convolution and one algorithmic, sending both wet samples and dry samples through both. He gives the wet samples only a small bit of these two reverbs and of course gives the dry samples much more. This results in a blend giving the feeling that both wet and dry samples were playing in the same space.

...questions about details of setting up this approach. (using Logic)

1) Would you set up the two reverbs with similar decay times?
2) Should that decay time sort of match the already wet patches?
3) Would you set up an AUX for wet patches and another for the dry ones.
4) If so, how would you set the wet/dry mix in each reverb's settings?
5) Or could you just set up a single AUX channel with both reverbs and just vary the amount of send for each instrument track?

Any insight here would be appreciated. Thanks...
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